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Reptile Lord Ryuma
United States
Lord of the Reptile Enterrans and one of a few Enterrans who look like humans (albeit with inhuman eyes and an impossibly large mouth). When he assumes Hyper Form (by the command "Hyper Serpent Warrior!"), he has a near-reptile appearance and his rapier morphs into a two-edged sword. Devised a cunning scheme to bring the warrior Mushrambo to his bidding by forcing Mushra, Kutal, and Sago to become Mushrambo and use a mind controlling Black Card which one of his minions crafted to do so. Ryuma lured the three into a battle with his subordinate Grandora, succeeding in taking control of Mushrambo. He then kidnaps Yakumo, deciding to marry her to prove his superiority. He has been shown to conjure snakes out of thin air and convert them into something as seen when he turns a bunch of them into a wedding dress for Yakumo. However, it causes Black Mushrambo to turn on Ryuma upon crashing his wedding. Ryuma then absorbs Grandora's EnCard to become (by the command "Grand Ryuma Arise!") Grand Ryuma, a giant dragonoid with a broadsword. In this state, he attempted to freeze Black Mushrambo in liquid poison, yet was killed when Mushrambo released a dark energy burst as the two locked swords. Even though Ryuma shows a narcissistic, sadistic, and psychopathic personality, he does show concern for Ungra when she is mortally injured defending him. Though Ryuma dies, his rapier remained as Yakumo uses it to remove the Black Card from Mushrambo.

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